What is a Service Like?

Our Sunday morning service starts at 11:00 a.m. You don’t want to be late and miss an awesome time of worship!

Our time of worship usually lasts 35 to 45 minutes. This is followed by the receiving of tithes and offerings and a brief time of greeting as the children leave the sanctuary for Children’s church.

Annoucements follow and then Pastor presents the Word of God through his sermon. At the end of the sermon, the congregation is invited to come forward for a time of prayer and dismissal. Anyone who desires personal prayer can approach a prayer team member to receive this personal touch from God. This concludes the service. It is usually around 1:00 p.m. at this time.


Location & Parking

Our spacious 14,000 square foot building is graced with beautiful decor while serving the young, the elderly and the handicapped in a practical way. 

Extensive renovations were recently done to both the interior and exterior of the building to meet the needs of its growing congregation. The building was remodeled and upgraded to provide better restroom facilities which are now spacious, beautiful and very accommodating to everyone.

We have also added an elevator that takes the disabled comfortably and safely to the main level of the sanctuary directly from the parking lot. From the fellowship hall to the sanctuary and beyond, we have gone to great lengths to make God’s House beautiful and comfortable for you. Please come and visit us soon!

Parking For Visitors

There are designated visitor parking spaces on 6th Avenue in front of our main entrance. If you are in need of wheelchair access or have trouble climbing steps, we have an elevator that is accessed via the parking lot on the opposite side of the church. You will need to ask for assistance from one of the security members at the front door, as the elevator access requires a key.

Please click here for our parking map.

Our Address is:
407 N. Black Horse Pike,
Mount Ephraim, NJ 08059

From Interstate 295:
Take Exit 28 onto Rt. 168 North (Black Horse Pike).  Continue on Rt. 168 North for 1 mile and Glad Tidings will be on your left directly across from the Budget Inn Motel.

From the New Jersey Turnpike:
Take exit 3 and follow signs to Philadelphia/Camden onto Rt. 168 North (Black Horse Pike).  Continue on Rt. 168 North for 1.5 miles and Glad Tidings will be on your left directly across from the Budget Inn Motel.

From the Walt Whitman Bridge:
Follow Interstate 676 for 2.5 miles and exit onto Interstate 295 North.  Take exit 28 onto Rt. 168 North (Black Horse Pike).  Continue on Rt. 168 North for 1 mile and Glad Tidings will be on your left directly across from the Budget Inn Motel.

Alternate Route from the Walt Whitman Bridge:
Take the first exit immediately after crossing the bridge, Rt. 168.  Continue straight on this exit ramp following all signs to Rt. 168 South.  Continue on Rt. 168 South (Black Horse Pike) for 1.3 miles and Glad Tidings will be on your right directly across from the Budget Inn Motel.

From the Philadelphia International Airport:
Upon exiting the airport take Interstate 95 North toward the City of Philadelphia.  Follow exit signs for Walt Whitman Bridge.  Continue as per directions above.



We believe children should worship Father God along with the adults. Our children are free to go to the front of the sanctuary to wave flags and worship together.

We ask that you supervise your child until they understand it’s not a time of unfocused playtime. You will notice there are adults in the front of the sanctuary who guide their children into worship.

Our nursery is typically not staffed until after worship, but if your nursery age (birth to 3 years) is fussing and needs to be taken out, you may tend to them in our nursery.

Children’s church is for 4 years old to 11 years old and takes place during the sermon time. Children’s church begins upstairs in the conference room. A Bible lesson is taught with the use of a video. After the teaching time, the children are taken downstairs to the fellowship hall where games are played and a snack is served. Children 12 years and older are expected to remain in the sanctuary with their parents during the sermon.


Most people are dressed casually (jeans or casual slacks and shirts), but some men prefer to wear suits and some women prefer to wear dresses and heels.

You are welcome to sit anywhere in the sanctuary that you are comfortable. There are a few seats marked with reserved signs for security team members throughout the sanctuary, but all other seats are available.

We do not pass an offering plate through the pews. If you are inclined to give for the building of the Kingdom, you can come forward as everyone does to put their offering in the plates at the front of the sanctuary.

At the end of the sermon, our Pastor generally asks everyone to come forward for a general prayer of blessing and dismissal. There are members of our prayer team at the front who are available to pray for those who want specific prayer. If we have a special speaker, often they ask everyone to come forward for them to pray specifically for those things that were presented in the message.

If you have any type of question, you can ask a member of the security team. Our security team consists of our deacons, so they are able to answer most questions or can get the answer for you. You will see them stationed around by the front door, back door, parking lots, and foyer. You can recognize them by the radio with earpiece they are wearing.



Our youth group is comprised of kids & teens from 12 years old through beginning college age.

The time together every Friday night is spent learning what God’s word has to say about today’s questions for youth. This is accomplished through video presentations and discussion following.

Games and group activities follow and of course, there is always something good to eat! Come early and play a game or two of ping pong!


Prayer Group begins at 9:00 am

Men’s Bible Study Group begins at 9:45 am

Women’s Bible Study Group begins at 9:45 am

Morning Worship begins at 11 am

Evening Prayer Service begin at 7 pm


An in-depth Bible study is held by Pastor Brendel every Wednesday night from 7 PM to 8 PM.

Everyone is welcome!