Isaiah 26:3  You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast , because they trust in You.


I don’t know about you, but one of the things I continually ask for in prayer is to be kept in perfect peace. My thoughts often go to the faith of David and how he continually focused his attention on God in spite of some of the worst circumstances imaginable. There’s no substitute for the peace that only God can give. I want that!


On the other hand, the lack of peace can reveal where your trust really lies. This was true of David when he was on the run and hiding from his son Absalom who had plotted to take his throne. David knew that Absalom wanted to be king, which meant that David would have to die (2 Samuel 17:11-12). It was no doubt the darkest time of David’s life. Not only was he on the run for his life, but internally he was dealing with the betrayal of his son. His heart was broken. He was literally in the process of losing everything. 


David could have been bitter. He could have overthrown the insurrection and he certainly had the authority to do so. From a standpoint of self-preservation it would have been understandable. But his attitude was one of complete submission to the Lord. Rather than fight for what was his, he recognized that everything he had was from the Lord. He chose to run instead of letting his own ambitions and pride take control. Even though his son had betrayed him and was leading all of Israel to kill him, he turned his heart to the Lord and wrote the beautiful words in Psalm 4:8…I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.


David had such trust in the Lord that he demonstrated it by placing his life in God’s hands and doing the unthinkable. He fell asleep. In a cave, separated from his men and in hiding from those that were hunting him, he slept. Have you ever gone through a situation that was stressful enough to keep you up at night? Or maybe you were even afraid to go to sleep? 


David wasn’t asking God for peace as much as he was making the statement that he knew peace was already hiswill lie down in peace because I know who keeps me safe. I know that my life is not my own. He acknowledged that God alone would take up his fight. But how did he have that kind of faith? It certainly didn’t happen overnight. It was a product of a relationship with God that was built over time and went all the way back to his days as a shepherd boy. Those were days filled with praise and intimate conversations with God with few distractions. David fixed his mind on God continually and the natural byproduct was a peace that would sustain him through the most stressful of situations.


There’s a lyric in a new song by The Afters called “Fear No More”. The line goes “even though I’m in the storm, the storm is not in me”. I just love that. It’s a reminder that no matter what storm rages on the outside, we can still have perfect peace on the inside.


Take some time today to build your relationship with the Lord. Get some time alone with Him and just worship Him for who He is. He is faithful! May God give you peace today.


Isaiah 49:23 …those who hope in me will not be disappointed.


Scott Schneider