Our Children’s Ministry is driven by the love we as a church body have for our children. It is a priority for us to ensure our children are taught biblical truths while they are still young.

Our teachers are passionate in their dedication to our children. They teach on a rotating basis from curriculum developed by Children’s Ministry Leader, Venke Malekpour, that is straight from God’s Word.

What better way to instill the love of His Word in their minds, hearts and spirits!


  • Barna’s research discovered that a person’s lifelong behavior and view are generally developed when they are young… particularly before they reach the teenage years.
  • A person’s moral foundations are generally in place by the time they reach age nine.

  • A majority of Americans make a lasting determination about the personal significance of Christ’s death and resurrection by the age of 12.

  • In most cases the spiritual beliefs of people are irrevocably formed when they are pre-teens.


For such is the Kingdom of God!

Glad Tidings has a very caring and nurturing nursery ministry for children ages 0-2. Our nursery has recently been beautifully renovated to provide a bright, clean and safe environment for our kids.

The nursery workers are dedicated to giving our children the very best care.

Cameras have been installed so parents can view their children at all times from an exterior television monitor.